About Plugin

Plug-in Highlites

  • Automatically generate multi-use coupon codes
  • Customizable email for buyer
  • Sends both HTML & Text emails
  • Discount value sent separately to Paypal
  • Sends all products separately to Paypal
  • Handles 0 $ transactions with & without shipping


  • WordPress 3.5
  • WP-eCommerce
  • Paypal Standard


plugin admin knc coupon form coupon status paypal cart display

What is Knc Gift Coupon?

Knc Gift Coupon is an add-on for a WordPress shopping cart plug-in, WP-eCommerce, by Getshopped and Paypal Standard.

WP-eCommerce converts any WordPress site into a feature rich shopping cart. It also supports coupon code generation for merchants to provide various kind of discounts to buyers. These codes can be  redeemed/deactivated in a single transaction only.

Why use Knc Gift Coupon?

Coupon codes created with WP-eCommerce have to be redeemed in a single transaction and this is where “Knc Gift Coupon” comes into play. It provide buyers an option to use their coupon credit as and when they want during a period of multiple transactions, until the coupon’s expiry or till there’s credit left in the coupon.

Knc Gift Coupon allow merchants to convert any product into a gift voucher which when purchased, automatically generates unique coupon codes and email it to the buyer. This email is customizable from the plug-ins admin page and is sent in both HTML & Text formats.

How plug-in works?

Basic plug-in working
You add a product in WP-eCommerce shopping cart as usual with price variations.
For e.g.
“Gift Coupon – Christmas Sale”, Amount = 20.00, 30.00, 40.00 etc. and specify the name of this product(“Gift Coupon – Christmas Sale”) in the knc-gift-coupon plug-in options along with the validity you want for this coupon/voucher. 
Thats it!!

Now every time a buyer purchases this product on your site, a coupon code with value equivalent to the price of this product will be generated and emailed to the email address buyer provides on the checkout page. The coupon code can be later used on your site to redeem the discount.

Settings and Options

Before you change any settings
The most important setting is “Use KNC payment gateway” option. You have to select “Yes” and save plug-in settings before you proceed to any other settings. This will copy the coupon processing payment gateway file to “wp-e-commerce/merchants” folder.

In case an error occurs & copy/paste fails, you will have to manually copy the file “paypal-standard.merchant.knc.php” from “knc-gift-coupon/merchant” directory to “wp-e-commerce/merchants” directory.

Admin Settings Explained

1. Add Coupons
Adds a coupon record where you can specify coupon name & validity in Days, Months or Years.

2. HTML email template

  • From: Email address from which the buyer will receive coupon codes email.
  • Subject: Subject of the email.
  • Content: Content of the email buyer will receive. You can write whatever message you want to send the buyers in after coupon purchase email. * Following tags: {COUPON CODE} {SITE NAME} {FIRST NAME} {LAST NAME} can be used in the email template which will be substituted with the related data while sending the email to the buyer.
  • You at least need to include {COUPON CODE} tag without which no codes will be included in the email.

3. Text email template
This is similar to HTML email template but here you write mail for buyer in plain text format, without any HTML tags. This email will only be visible to the buyer if HTML option is disabled in the buyers email client.

4. Use KNC payment gateway

  • If you select “yes” under this option It will copy the coupon processing payment gateway file to “wp-e-commerce/merchants” folder, add “Paypal Payments Standard KnC” payment option on WP-eCommerce plug-ins “Settings/Payment Options” page and make it the primary payment gateway. It also store shops previous gateway options you had enabled.
  • If you select “No”, it  will restore  shops previous payment gateway options and will stop processing coupons.

5. Use test mode
This lets you preview your email templates by sending test mails to a desired email address. When you have finalized the email template, disable this option and plug-in will direct the mails to the email address buyer feeds on the checkout/paypal page.

6. Display coupon processing form in your theme

When you enable the plugin it will automatically remove WP-eCommerce’s coupon processing form on the checkout page But to display  the knc coupon processing form you will have to manually add the above mentioned short code ( without any spaces ) in WP-eCommerce’s checkout page theme file “wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php” after the following html comment  “”  around line # 99.

Basically as it is a shortcode, you can display this form anywhere (post or page) on your blog but is not recommended as it may break the aesthetics. I would eventually add a widget with minimal UI space which will enable users to check codes in the sidebar.

Availability & Pricing

Plugin’s cost is $65 USD. You can send the payment to my Paypal account. Kindly email me for details if you are interested in purchasing.

If you want to test the plugin before you purchase it, you may register a sandbox account with paypal, its free. Paypal sandbox will give a dummy credit card number to make test purchase on any site thus you can check the auto coupon code generation & multi coupon use feature of knc-gift-coupon.

Refund Policy

Click here to read details about the refund policy.

Testing Coupon Codes

You can use the following sample codes to test on this site.

  • 12345678
  • 00000000
  • 11111111

Todo List

  1. Knc-gc auto generate value coupon codes for now. Will add percentage (%) and free shipping discounts.
  2. Add widget to check coupon codes.
  3. Handle free items i.e. 0 value transactions on Paypal. This feature is implemented. Discount is applied to products before shipping. If there is no shipping involved, the buyer is not sent to Paypal and the transaction is completed on the store itself. If after discount total cost becomes $0, before shipping, then buyer is sent to Paypal and is charged only Shipping.
  4. Add more payment gateways.


1.1.0 – Feb 15, 2013
Fix: Works with WordPress 3.5
Fix: Works well with pages encrypted with SLL

1.0.9 – Nov 26, 2012
Fix: Works with wp-e-commerce v

1.0.8 – March 26, 2012
New: Coupon Balance Management – You can now update balance left in any coupon from WPSC’s Coupons page. This may come handy when a coupon has expired and you want to reset & reuse it.

1.0.7 – February 29, 2012
Fix: Discount was not converting to country currency
New: When a coupon is made “use_once” then the “enter discount amount” input field is removed

1.0.6 – February 19, 2012
Fix: Coupons weren’t getting emailed if a free coupon ( total transaction=$0 ) was purchased

1.0.5 – December 13, 2011
Fix: Discount was not being forwarded to Paypal if Taxes were disabled in wp-e-commerce->store

1.0.4 – December 11, 2011
New: Now handles all kind of discounts ( %, value, free shipping, conditional ) provided by wp-e-commerce

1.0.3 – December 7, 2011
New: Now handles single use or multi-use percentage (%) coupons too
New: Better front end information about coupon codes

1.0.2 – November 30, 2011
New: Enable store owners to generate single use coupons

1.0.1 – November 20, 2011
Fix: Issues with base shipping

1.0.0 – November 1, 2011
Initial release of the plug-in.

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  1. Hi there,

    This is really exciting. I have a client who is waiting for this. Is it available now? If so, where can I buy it?


    • Hi Andrea,

      The plug-in is complete except for “0$”(zero $) transaction.

      For eg: if a person purchases a 10$ item and apply a 10$ discount then the purchase if free but what if the order has to be shipped? Would you like the shipping still to apply and what if its a downloadable item … and similar conditions.

      This is not a major thing and I will implement it soon.


    • Whvoeer wrote this, you know how to make a good article.

    • Great Plugin, I’ll get this added to the Community Plugins list on GetShopped.org. How much does it retail for though? :)

  2. Hello Would love to know if you have this running yet? and how much your charging for it?

    • HI Alan,

      The plugin is 99% complete except Point 3 from To Do list[see above] is left. I will try and complete everything in a few weeks time.

      You can test drive the plugin on this site itself.. just add some products in cart, goto checkout page and use the test codes I have provided on this page.

      Let me know if you have any other queries.


    • A muinte saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!

  3. Hey Amit,

    Is there any way that I can grab the code before the plugin is finished? I need to use it for a client ASAP. The product doesn’t require shipping, so the answer for your todo #3 (for my case) is to just not go to paypal.

    Given that it may not be finished, I’d be happy to pay for the 95% complete plugin if you can let me know where I can send the paypal and email me the code.

  4. Hi Amit,

    Is there any way I can grab the code as well? My client will be selling digital products so there will be no shipping charges involded. Please send me an email with the details.


  5. Hi Amit,
    This plugin looks really great. I’ve actually been checking in on the progress occasionally over the last month or so. I thought when I last read the page, you said you had support for other payment gateways, but now I only see support for PayPal. I have a client who would like to use it with Linkpoint/Firstdata.
    What’s the status on using this with other gateways?

    Also can you email me some info on pricing, etc.?


  6. Hi,

    Is there any way that this plugin can be integrated with different payment gateways e.g sagepay etc?



    • Hi Shaz,

      Unfortunately at the moment plugin works only with Paypal Standard. But I will add more gateways as soon as I get some time.

      Will keep everyone posted about the same.


  7. Hi there, Really excited about this plugin. But can’t see where to download it?
    Can you provide a link? Or am I just not seeing it? 😛

  8. Please email me regarding this plugin, I’d like to purchase it, and I suggest integrating Paypal Pro before any other solution – it should be easier, and will open up the user base for this.

  9. HY, this is a really nice plug in, i found it just in time when i need this :). I would need it asap to impement this on one web site. I need only this only for Paypal standard. Can you please email me, i would like to buy it.


  10. Please email about purchasing your plugin.


  11. Hey I0m interested in purchasing the plugin ASAP, how much is it? can you email me?

  12. Hey! I’d like to purchase it today or ASAP haven’t gotten any reply from you yet =/

  13. Hi, I’m interested in using your plugin. I can add support for Authorize.net if needed.

  14. I’m interested in this plugin – my client is using authorize.net and paypal – any chance with Anant’s help, you’ll have it done soon? I’d love to purchase it! Let me know, please!

    • Hi Karen,

      Implementing Authorize.net will take some time as it will need thorough testing before going to a live store.. I will update you if thing go well with Authorize.net.

      Happy Thanksgiving,

  15. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing your gift voucher plugin, what does it cost, and can I pay for it via paypal?


  16. Thanks for all the help! The plugin was awesome and even after installing it and having had a few bugs appearing, the developer did a great job helping me and corrected them. Reason for which I was able to launch my site on the tight schedule! Thanks so much! =)

  17. How much does this plugin cost ? i need it for an upcoming project i have.

  18. Good morning!

    I am interested in purchasing your plug-in. Please send me an email and we can get the ball rolling. Thanks!

  19. I need to purchase. However the MOST important item needed is:
    Handle free items i.e. 0 value transactions on Paypal.

    • Hi Tyler,

      This is taken care of by my plugin.

      If the transaction total is $0 and there is no shipping involved then the buyer doesn’t go to Paypal, rather the order is completed on your store itself. If the order equals to $0 and yet there is shipping to be charged then the buyer is redirected to Paypal to pay the shipping.


      • There is shipping, however I will be totaling the coupon to include this…is that the same thing? Does it create a new payment option?

        Please email me to purchase.

  20. I am interested in purchasing your plug-in. Please send me an email. Thx!

  21. I’m interested in purchasing your plugin as-is as well. (Looks like there’s a crazy need for it!) I have a site that’s supposed to launch tomorrow so I need this ASAP. Thanks so much!

  22. Need this. Please e-mail me.

  23. Please contact me ASAP so that I may purchase the plugin. Thanks

  24. what does this mean?
    ” It also store shops previous gateway options you had enabled.”

    • This mean, if you plan to disable “use KNC payment gateway” after enabling it, it will re-select your previously selected gateway in the wp-e-commerce Store options.

      Just a convenience factor for store owners, although you can also manually select/change any gateways anytime from wp-e-commerce Store Settings.

  25. where can i download this sweet plugin?

    • Currently I am adding more features to the plugin and selling it personally to anyone interested in purchasing.

      Will soon add a purchase link in my shop itself. If you are interested then please email me.

  26. To anyone looking to purchase this plug-in, it is amazing! Amit is super cool and provides superb customer service.

    Thanks Amit!

    – Signed, one happy customer :)

  27. Please contact me. I would like to purchase this plugin.

  28. I would also like to purchase your plugin.

  29. I would like to purchase this plugin as well Amit. I am on a bit of a time crunch, and only can buy it if delivered today. Can we make that work? Thanks a lot for your hard work and great contribution.

  30. Hi Jason,
    Hello Jaxon,

    I have emailed you the details.


  31. Can I purchase this from you? Send me an email. Thanks

  32. I’m interested in this plugin. Please email me the details.

  33. Hi, Nice plugin.
    I do have one question though.

    Can I create/edit gift coupons within the admin area?
    My client also sells at trade shows, so if someone wants to pay cash for a giftcard, can I manually enter the info within wp’s admin.

    • Hi Steve,

      Yes this is possible. You can manually create coupon codes in the wp-e-commerce admin area as usual plus the codes are also automatically generated when someone purchases coupons from your site.


  34. I like what this plugin has to offer, but I would like clarification on a few things before I purchase this plugin.

  35. Hi there,

    I would like to purchase your plugin ASAP. Please e-mail me details so i can transfer through paypal

    kind regards,

  36. Hello,

    Is there a way to eliminate the requirement. “Enter discount amount for this transaction:”

    We need the full coupon amount to be used every time. e.g. Customer should NOT need to enter the amount to be applied.

    Maybe I’m not seeing the setting, otherwise please contact me to make this alteration.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Tyler,

      The whole point of my plugin was to make wp-ecommerce coupons multi-use. What you are asking is something wp-e-commerce already does but without other offerings of my plugin.

      Anyhow please give me sometime to append this feature to my plugin.


  37. Where can this plugin be purchased/downloaded from?

    • Hi Ross,
      Once you are ready to purchase, I will send you the Paypal details. Once the payment is processed, I will mail you the plugin.

  38. hi, i want to purchase this but let me know if it can work like this:

    i want to have my customers given “credit”. Then they can make micro-purchases with the credit (which would debit the credit) and not have to deal with paypal, etc.

    • Hi JJ,
      What you are asking is possible with the plugin but not the Paypal bit. To complete the order it does go through Paypal. Although let me look into the code… probably I can add this as a new feature. Will let you know if this is doable soon enough.

  39. How do i purchase this plug in?

  40. I would like the purchase details also, please.

  41. Hi Amit,

    I have emailed you. I need to purchase your plugin please.

  42. Anyone having issues with KNC Gift Run 3.8.8 RC2?

    I seem to be getting a checkout error, order come though the purchase log, but get an error on the transaction page saying.

    ‘Sorry your transaction was not accepted.’

  43. I am interested in the purchase details as well. Can you send them to me?

  44. PLEASE send me the details also. I need to get this up and running ASAP. Is there an option to send the gift certificate as a graphic? THANKS!

  45. Hi, I think this plugin will work well with a site I am doing for a client. Please let me know the purchase details.

  46. Interested in purchasing your plugin. Does your plugin still require the customer to enter cc info to purchase even if the total is zero?

  47. can you please send me the plugin? I need it asap! Thanks!!

  48. Hi Amit! I also requested the info a few days ago on how to purchase. Please get back to me asap. Thanks!

  49. Hi Amit, please send me your paypal info as I would like to purchase this plugin. Thank You.

  50. Hi, Please can you send me the details on how to purchase this plugin.

  51. Hi, this plugin looks perfect.

    Can you please send me details on how to purchase the plugin.


  52. My client has their paid membership site, sells dvd’s and sells downloads. I am thinking of possibly using wpecommerce with the members only plugin and your plugin. The hangup is being able to buy “Gift” subscriptions. They want someone to be able to buy th esubscription for a friend and not just buy a gift certificate for $x. This way, if the memberships are on sale, a customer could buy 4 discounted memberships and give them to friends as gifts. Is this something your plugin could do?

    • Hi Jen,

      My plugin can convert any product into a gift coupon but I am not sure about the working of “Members Only” plugin. Although it may not be a ready to use feature but can be customized. Will mail you once I look into it some more.


  53. We have the plugin installed and are testing it with the PayPal Sandbox. We are experiencing a couple of problems.

    When a gift certificate is purchased, the buyer is not receiving the email with the coupon code. The coupon is being created and works properly; it’s just the email is not being sent. In test mode, we do receive the email. Any thoughts?

    Next, regarding shipping:
    1) Is it possible to allow the coupon to be applied to shipping?
    2) Our client provides free shipping for orders > $100. When a coupon is applied that reduces the total below $100, the shipping fee is now applied. The client would prefer that the means of payment (gift certificate) didn’t affect the free shipping discount. We are using the Premium Shipping plugin for WP e-commerce.

    Any suggestions you might have are welcome.

    • Hi Craig,

      If you are using sandbox then make sure you are not paying through your paypal account itself or if you do then manually enter a real email address and not the one provided by sandbox. If it still doesnt work, provide me the link to the site and I’ll test it.

      My plugin does take care of discounts on shipping as well. Basically my plugin leverages what ever coupon functionality is provided by wp-e-commerce, so if a conditional coupon is created in wp-e-comm then it will be applied in same manner as wp-e-comm would have done. I haven’t completely understood the 2nd point you mentioned. Can you please email me more details..


  54. Regarding the Sandbox, I was able to make the test purchase and receive the coupon email by selecting the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” option on the Sandbox payment page. There I was able to enter an email address other than the internal Sandbox Test Account email. Thanks for the tip.

    So this means that your plugin sends the coupon email to the email of record in the PayPal account used for purchase instead of the email entered on my website’s checkout page by the buyer. Correct?

    For the shipping questions, let me give a couple of examples.

    1) Purchase totals $59 plus a $7 shipping charge. When I applied a $100 coupon, it applied a maximum discount of $59, instead of $66, requiring the shipping charge to be paid through PayPal. I would prefer to allow the application of a $66 discount.

    2) Purchase totals $125 which qualifies for free shipping (>$100). I applied a $50 coupon which made the total $75 and incurred the $7 shipping charge for a total of $82. I would prefer that the free shipping discount be made available instead of effectively penalizing the customer for using a gift certificate. I.e. a total of $75 for this purchase.

    Are these possible? If so, can you point me in the right direction?


    • Hi Craig,

      My plugin sends email to the email address fed on the checkout page only. I just tested it(to confirm I didn’t miss anything in my code). I received the email on address which I entered on checkout page(for both cases – with paypal account and without).

      For your free shipping scenarios – basically for “applying” a discount, my coupon leverages whatever coupon functionality is provided by wp-e-commerce plugin. So I believe you can try creating free shipping conditional coupons.

      But I guess getting a value discount(eg.$50) along with free shipping is not possible in wp-e-commerce itself…

      Sorry… not much of a help!

  55. Well, Amit. I just ran another test in which I entered test@mydomain on the WP-eCommerce checkout page and paypal@mydomain on the PayPal Sandbox page during purchase. I received the coupon email at the paypal@mydomain address.

    As for the other scenarios, it appears you’re right that wp-ecommerce doesn’t seem to support applying a value discount (e.g. gift certificate) to shipping charges. Bummer.

    I do understand that knc uses the underlying wp-ecommerce coupon system. Not your fault really. I’m still looking for a way to make it work as the client expects. I’ll post it if I find something.

    Thanks for your help.

  56. I am attempting to use the plugin for a client. After some experimentation, we are seeing some limitations. Most of these are rooted in the design decision to implement gift certificates as value coupons. As it turns out, coupons are discounts applied to the purchase price whereas gift certificates are really a form of payment. Or should be perhaps.

    1. Coupons, and thus GCs, do not apply to shipping charges.
    2. Applying a GC to a purchase reduces the price and therefore the sales tax. Not good.
    3. Only one coupon (and thus GC) allowed per purchase.
    4. Because of (3), can’t use a free shipping coupon with a GC.

    Any suggestions for solutions or workarounds are most welcome. I don’t know if others are seeing these kinds of problems. It’s still a useful plugin (and I don’t know of any alternatives) but these limitations do create a certain amount of friction in the user experience.

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Craig,
      Sorry for a delayed response. Most of the issues you are facing are may be due to design decision taken either by me or by Wp-e-commerce but then these are decisions made considering what most people ask for. Certain way of working suits certain set of people and that is why code keep evolving and new versions being released.

      As per the problems you are facing:
      1. Wp-e-commerce provide you various ways a coupon can be applied but not yet another way of applying discount to Value+Shipping
      2. Some of the users want the Tax to be reduced when the purchase price is reduced. Although your point noted and will try to add this as an option in my plugins admin.
      3. Using multiple coupons would be an interesting feature but I believe not a good thing for merchants :)

      I don’t have a ready solution for you but I will definitely look into Value+Shipping discount and will inform you if this can be added to my plugin and a timeframe.


  57. Amit. I am using the 1.0.8 update,

    After applying a discount with one use set, if the value of the shipping cart is greater than the coupon amount and PayPal is used, my user is being charged the original amount at PayPal..

    Have you seen this before?

    Thank you…

    • When using PayPal Payments standard 2.0 everything working fine with the discount applied.

      Is there a way to remove the PayPal logo from the KNC mu? I would prefer to use them separately anyway with different titles. This way, my customers would only using the KNC checkout if the cart value equals zero.


      • Hey Tyler,
        Is the discount being forwarded to Paypal… as in can you see the discount being mentioned/deducted on Paypal page??
        I will look into the code and let you know, how to remove/replace the Paypal logo.


        • I can see the discount when using PayPal Standard…with KNC it shows no discout, only full price. Have I configured something wrong?

          Thank you

          • discount at paypal

            Tyler can you see discount like seen in image on paypal site? If not, please email me your site address and I’ll have a look at it.


  58. Hi, Please can you send me the details on how to purchase this plugin.

  59. Amit,

    I just encountered a serious bug! It seems when a customer applies a discount configured to “use once” for say $299.95, and if there are two products in the shopping cart totaling 599.90 the customer is receiving a discount for the shopping cart total! In other words, they checkout for twice the value of my coupon. PLEASE HELP ASAP?

    How come there haven’t been any posts lately, are you still working with this plugin?

    Thank you

    • Hi Tyler,

      This is not a bug, rather a wp-e-commerce feature. When you create a coupon, if you select “Apply on All Products” option then this coupon will apply to each product once, in your cart. For 5 items in your cart, a $10 coupon will become a $50 coupon.

      In your case a $299.95 coupon became $299.95*2=599.9(as you had 2 products in cart)

      Hope this helps!

  60. Hello Amit,

    Has the feature of accepting multiple coupon codes for one order been requested? This would be helpful for my dealers who are ordering on behalf of their customers.

    Thank you

    • Hi Tyler,

      Can you please mail me and explain a bit more on how would you like this functionality to work on your shop? Like where would you want the dealers to add multiple coupon codes etc..


      • Yes,

        I was thinking it would be beneficial to have say an “add coupon” button that allowed dealers/users to provide multiple vouchers at once. Some of our dealers will have upto 10 coupon codes and might want to process the orders online at once. Otherwise will tell them to run separate orders for each of their customers.


  61. I would like to purchase this plugin but cannot find your email.


  62. Hi Please can you send me details on how to buy this plug-in?


  63. Please email me about this plugin :)

  64. Hey,

    I’m supposing there isn’t a way to try out this plugin? I know graphics can be inserted into the email template, but I’m wondering if a graphic can be set as a background of the email so that the text overlays the graphic? We designed a gift certificate and would like the customers name and the coupon codes to display on top of it. Would this be possible? Please send me an email with any info you can.


    • Hey Tatiana,

      I hope you have received the plugin by now. Answering your question here so that it may be useful to other readers.

      You are correct, if you set any graphic as a background image of a div then you can overlay coupon details like buyers name, coupon code, validity etc. above it.

      Let me know if you need any help with setting up the plugin, i’ll be glad to help.


  65. I would like to get some information on this plugin as well

  66. Hi,

    I am also interested in purchasing your plugin. Please send info.


  67. Please also email me purchase details – I sent an email with some Q’s also – thank u

  68. does it work with paypal pro too? i think that is the same as paypal standard but they handle the gateway and the processing. please let me know, we have to get a custom emailed gift card plugin running ASAP! thanks :)

  69. Hi Amit,
    Any chance we could chat about getting this working with authorize, we did speak about it before and I was waiting on my client.

  70. Hi,
    My client is looking for this functionality – have a few questions.
    1. – Does this work with wp-ecommerce version
    2. – We are using Paypal Pro, will this plugin work with that and allow purchase of gift card via a credit card?
    3. – Client would like to integrate this with cubepoints – rewarding increasing level of gift card at set levels of points earned. Is this possible?


  71. Hi again,
    I spoke with my client and he is absolutely interested in purchasing if your plugin will work with our setup. We are going live on this site in the next few days so would like to get this implemented right away if possible.


  72. Very interested in plugin for client’s site. Can you email me with more information. Where to download/purchase. Thank you.

  73. Hello, im interested too! Can I get any feedback?

    Thank you!

  74. Hello!

    Is somewhere possible to see this plugin in work (demo) from client and admin side?

    • Hi Toms,

      You can see the demo here on this site itself. I have also provided dummy coupon codes on this page. You can also look at the admin’s screenshots on the top of this page.
      I don’t have a system ready to grant access to plugin admin but I can create a screen recording of the back end working and share.

      Let me know if this works for you.


      • Hi,

        Tnx for answer.

        Yeah, screenshots i already seen. But i would like seen in action this plugin to understand – is there all necessary features for my site and how it works.

        However, You can make for me temp acc or upload this plugin to some other WP? :)

  75. AK,

    Thanks for making this much-needed plugin. I have a client that is interested in this plugin for their wp-ecommerce site. Can you email me with info on how I can aquire this gift certificate voucher plugin?


  76. Don’t understand where to download/purchase – can you send me a link too?

  77. I would like to use your plugin and also be able to offer it to clients. Please send me information as soon as possible.

  78. I would like to purchase this plugin. Please contact me asap, thanks!

  79. Where do I download / purchase? Please email me the info too?

  80. kncwebrnd, any love for me? Need this plugin.

  81. How can I purchase this plugin? I’d like to purchase today if possible – please send me the necessary information.

  82. Thanks for all the great support and personal service. Worth every penny.


  83. working with my client and have showed your product to them but I haven’t found anything saying you could print out the coupon for in store redemption, that is the only hangup they have and I just want to see what the certificate looks like and see if it is possible for physical print out tickets to work. Thanks for your continued help.

    • Hey Jesse,

      In my plugins admin I have implemented wordpress’s rich text editor to create coupons’s email template. So it’s same as writing a post and emailing it to buyers, which the can print on there end.

      You can see the editor’s screenshot from the thumbnails on top of this page. I’ll also forward you a template for your clients review.

      Hope this helps.

  84. Seriously good plugin. And what is most important support I’ve got from Amit – the developer was simply fantastic! highly recommended and worth every penny!

  85. Hi,
    I have two clients interested in this type of plugin, how may I download it?


  86. Hi Amit,
    I am interested in this plug in. Can you send the information needed. Thanks!

  87. Where I can buy this ?

  88. Hi Amit,
    Would love to purchase your plugin for my client’s website, emailed you last month for payments details but have not received anything. If you did send an email, would you mind resending to me please?
    Thanks very much!

  89. I emailed a couple of weeks ago asking for your Paypal information to send you money. Can you please get back to me?

  90. Can you send me the details of how I can get a copy. Thanks.

  91. Hi Amit,
    It’s working absolutely great! I was wondering though, in which files can I change the name ‘coupon’ to what we use in England ‘Gift Voucher’ in particular in the checkout page I want to change the phrases: ‘Enter your coupon code: ‘,’ Check Coupon Details’ and ‘Total Coupon Value’.
    I’ve checked the following files:
    but could not find the above phrases. Any ideas?

  92. hello,

    is there any way to enable gift voucher coupon to be used with offer coupons on a site? My client had special offer coupons and people spending gift vouchers need to be able to take advantage of the offers too.


  93. Where can this plugin be purchased/downloaded from?

  94. Hi,

    How can I purchase your plugin? I’d like to purchase today if possible. Please send me the necessary information.

    Thanks very much!

  95. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back
    to your blog? My blog is in the exact same niche as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this ok with you. Many thanks!

  96. interested in this plugin – please email me. Thanks

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